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Falcon Jane_Photo_02.jpg

Photo by: Avalon Mohns

Falcon Jane_01_web.jpg

Photo by: Dominique van Olm

"May's faith in her feelings is responsible for much of the album's greatness, making it better the more you listen to it."

- Exclaim!

“Drawing from personal experiences of death, memory and miscommunication, Falcon Jane craft an honest and enchanting track with an emotional impact that lingers long after the last note fades away.”

“The single with its vulnerable honesty, authenticity and rawness is a thing of absolute beauty.”

“Heaven is fiercely charming, falling into the infectious pull of the attentive vocals, sublime tones, and the lustrous lyrics. The moment Falcon Jane begins to embark on their atmospherical arrangement, you are hypnotized, as a feeling of freedom and peace exude from their wistful orchestral movement.”
- Circuit Sweet

“Heaven is heavenly. The voice of the apparition that appears to be a cross between Florence Welsh and Winona Ryder comes out beautifully in the dreamy song.”
- Dansende Beren

“No one has a voice like Sara May of Falcon Jane. From the Canadian wilderness springs a project built on wild, worldly folk riffs and vulnerable songwriting led by Sara May’s distinct voice, a dynamite tool that is, frankly, unable to be explained.”
- The Music Mermaid

“For someone who describes herself as “emotionally guarded”, Falcon Jane’s lead singer-songwriter Sara May's output is growing increasingly intimate. “Heaven”, the lead single from Faith, saw May musing on the prospect of paradise with lustrous lyrics and a stirring vocal. Whilst “Held High” takes a slightly darker thematic turn, it remains endearingly sincere and feels like another step toward letting her guard down.”
- The Line Of Best Fit

“A simmering indie folk number that pairs May’s mirage-like vocals with fuzzy guitar and languid drums.”
- American Songwriter

“With the ringing guitars and glowing synths flanking her determination, it’s a pretty heroic aural image.”
- Beats Per Minute

Falcon Jane_OBJF2022_1_MiltonYoung.jpg

Photo by: Milton Young

Falcon Jane_Photo_03.jpg

Photo by: Dominique van Olm

Falcon Jane_Photo_01.jpg

Photo by: Avalon Mohns

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