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The new music video for "Dirty Dog" features two absolute townies rippin it up with their friends in the Dufferin County countryside, drinkin beer, burnin gas, and mending a broken heart.


Some of you out there may know the name "Falcon Jane". Seen it on a glowing marquee at the club downtown. Heard it on a warm afternoon through a gently humming radio. Some of you may even consider yourselves to be quite familiar with Falcon Jane—know the songs, the style, the "plez rock" they play. 


So some of you have heard the silence of these long last few years. As the world closed up, Falcon Jane went dark.


Shelburne, Ontario. Population: 9000. A town you drive through, not to. 


Amongst the farmers fields, deep rivers, and a roaring highway, we found Falcon Jane. And things are looking a little different now.


There’s something about living out in the sticks with your mama and your dog, missing the road, with a broken heart and broke down car. Country music starts making a lot more sense. 


Appearing Live at the Dakota Tavern
October 27, 2023


Falcon Jane creates peacefully powerful alt-folk music.

Lead songwriter, Sara May, crafts emotionally intimate songs that put her distinctive, soft, grainy vocals at the forefront. Their music is grounded with potent rhythm sections and cosmic textures, producing live performances that are alluring and hypnotic.

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"This is the earthly nirvana Falcon Jane is eager to uncover. 

With gentle urgency and sacred singing, 'Heaven' mimics the hallowed hand reaching out to pull us closer to a holy happiness on the very land we walk upon."

- The Music Mermaid


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